"Double H" Thai Pads

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The Revgear Double H Thai Pads were designed with the help of Martial Arts legend Erik Paulson. The Double H or "Heavy Hitter" Muay Thai Pads are designed to withstand extended training sessions with fighters who kick and strike with force. Coaches and pad-holders will love how light these pads are and be shocked by how well they absorb heavy strikes. Featuring two flexible plastic handles on the back sides, you will get a great grip on these that won't slip or irritate even after prolonged use. The heavy duty hook and loop forearm strap along the back has a soft foam pad for increased comfort.

These were designed in collaboration with the best, so that is what you can expect.


  • Erik Paulson signature item
  • Erik Paulson-Inosanto Blend STX Kickboxing graphics
  • High quality vinyl construction
  • Two flexible handles and a padded hook and loop forearm strap
  • Flat striking surface with bullseye target
  • Sold in pairs